1. Endorsement of the study kills program and student wall planner has been made by the school and its leaders.  Purchasing the program represents a new focus by the school. It was selected because it is tried and tested with methods and strategies that will guarantee success to students who take the program seriously.
  2. The study skills program is being used to effect a broader cultural change in the school towards more effective study, better time management and, ultimately, significantly improved academic success for its students its a shift to a culture of excellence.
  3. The Student Wall Planner needs to be looked after and, if students do so, it will last the duration of their schooling.  If the planner is not cared for, then there will be an additional expense to replace it.
  4. It is important to use the correct non-permanent fine line pen to ensure the planner can be easily cleaned and re-used.
  5. The testimonials show that the program works and students can expect to feel more confident and in more control. Students experience significantly less anxiety and stress and tend to achieve improved results.
  6. Reminders to staff and parents about the use and application of the student wall planners and worksheets will help them to be involved in discussions and worksheet sign offs. The resources help to establish positive and open communication.