Free Parent Guide

As you watch your child progress through school, it becomes increasingly apparent how things have changed.

Have you been faced with that challenging moment when you hear the words, “that’s not how my teacher did it”, just when you think you’ve nailed the problem for your child?

So, as you contemplate just how much things have changed and wonder how you can possibly be of assistance to your child in their time of need, remember one thing:

You are a powerful role model for your child.

Uniquely positioned to influence your child’s habits, you can support their development of good study skills and learning behaviour.

This Guide will ask you a number of key questions and answer many more. As the catalyst for important conversations it will help you and your child develop a process for improved study routines and learning behaviours. The guide is designed to be used on a computer or a tablet.

Reduce the stress & tension surrounding study in your home.

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