Student Wall Planner

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The reusable, A2 sized laminated Student Wall Planner is customised to meet the specific circumstances for each individual school including logo, timetable, contact details, colours and motto..

As the Student Wall Planner can last for up to 6 years it makes it a very cost-effective and educationally-significant investment for the school and parents.

Your school’s ethos and expectations are reinforced by the role the Student Wall Planner plays in the day-to-day home environment involving parents in constructive dialogue with their child.

The Student Wall Planner also reinforces that workable partnership between students, parents and the school.

With the daily application of the Student Wall Planner with Digital Resource Package your students will learns to:

  • set realistic goals
  • create effective homework and study routines
  • accept greater responsibility for managing their time
  • accept greater responsibility for managing their own learning
  • have more confidence when preparing for examinations
  • develop usable strategies to apply when challenged with difficulty
  • reduce stress and tension surrounding study

Download our brochure here and check our planner gallery to help design your planner by viewing Student Wall Planners already customised by schools