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Winthrop Baptist College was one of the first Colleges in Australia to implement the Student Wall Planner and Study Guide. Over the years that we have been utilising the resources the staff have seen a positive change in the culture and attitude by the students towards study habits, goal setting procedures, time management application, organizational skills, examination preparation and other areas covered in the Study Guide Program. The Student Wall Planner being a once only purchase and lasting the students’ their school days has been an inexpensive investment.

The College has received excellent feedback from parents commendation on the initiative and appreciation for providing the mechanism which supports their child’s study and homework routine. The introduction of the Student Wall Planner has been a great success, providing relevant support to the students and also a forum where parents can be actively involved in their child’s education on a daily basis in the home.

Principal, Winthrop Baptist College

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The Success Planner Study Skills Package is an excellent program that is easy for teachers to teach the Topics with ready-made Powerpoint presentations and Student Guides. The full package gives teachers a common focus to assist both parents and students. At St Norbert College we all speak a common language when it comes to study skills. It has been the easiest program to use and is easily adapted for all year levels.

Dean of Students, St Norbert College

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Brisbane Boys College was introduced to the Student Wall Planner and Study Guide early in 2008. We liked the comprehensive package offered especially the free Study Guide with site licence and the Re-Useable Student Wall Planner to further support and engage our parents as partners at home.

We decided to trial the resources with a group of boys to receive their responses before committing to the entire program. The reaction we received from the boys was very favourable and the parent feedback was extremely pleasing. BBC has now introduced the educational resources to all our boys from Years 7 to 12.

Head of Teaching and Learning, Brisbane Boys College

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We commenced using the Student Wall Planner in 2008 and the response has been very positive.

One student commented that her parents can now see what she is doing and no longer constantly check her progress. She also added that it has made for a much less stressed atmosphere at home and streamlined her planning for assessments and homework.

Head of Upper School, Pymble Ladies’ College

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Rostrevor College has been using the Student Wall Planner with its senior students for two years. The College community has found it beneficial in helping students with organisational skills, motivation and personal development. In 2009 we are building the contents of the Study Guide into our Year 10 and 11 Pastoral Care Programme.

The Planner and Study Guide are also a useful resource for our Year 10 teachers who are teaching the PLP for the first time.

Head of Senior School, Rostrevor College

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Firbank Grammar School began using the Student Wall Planner three years ago. It encourages students to be independent in their organisation so that homework tasks can be completed and deadlines can be met. Further assistance in their organisation is provided through our Mentoring system whereby staff can use the Study Guide to provide background information on their individual requirements.

It is expected that the Student Wall Planner will be retained for use in each year of the students’ schooling and knowledge gained from their learning mentors will assist them in tailoring their individual approach.

Year Co-Ordinator, Firbank Grammar

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In order to support your daughter in their home study habits, time management, goal setting skills and homework, the College has introduced the ‘Student Planner’.

Successful learning requires a partnership between students, home and school.

I believe this planner strengthens the partnership by providing the opportunity for you as a parents to connect with your daughter’s learning, monitor their study habits and share in their home study management.

Deputy Principal Curriculum, Santa Maria College, Perth

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The Student Wall Planner was adopted at Somerville Baptist College in response to parental inquiries for a means of assisting parents to support children to study and achieve, and also as a response to a perceived need within the College for a useful tool that could be utilised across year groups.We are happy to recommend the Student Wall Planner and Study Guide as useful tools for students and parents as they work together with the school to achieve their educational goals. The system can easily be integrated into current practise and is practical for student use.

Principal, Somerville Baptist College

Parents graphic

Ben and I went over the Student Planner this weekend and I hope that he has returned to school more organised and not quite so overwhelmed with his workload. Thank you for your assistance and for making this tool available to the students.

Belina Robinson, Parent

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Students have commented that the Study Planner has helped them to get themselves more organised especially when it comes closer to the time for assessments such as class tests and exams.

A number of teachers have mentioned that students have told them that they enjoy it when they can see how much time they have put in to studying for the various learning areas by using the Study Record.

Deputy Principal Pastoral Care, Corpus Christi College

Xavier crest

Following an audit of the curriculum undertaken at Xavier College in preparation for the implementation of the future SACE, the decision was made to incorporate a Study Skills unit in the Personal Learning Plan in 2009.

We were particularly impressed with the Red Tick Education product following the presentation at DEPSLA during 2008. While we see the Student Wall Planner as a great tool for students and their families to use to aid organization and development of good study habits, we were most impressed with the teaching resources that accompany the product. The units we have identified as being most closely connected to the PLP include the ‘Know Yourself’ module and the ‘Goal Setting’ module. These modules focus on students: knowing themselves as learners, identifying their learning styles, identifying areas where improvement is needed, setting goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals.

Xavier College has in fact decided the program has such merit that it is to be implemented across Years 8 10 via our Pastoral Care program.

Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning, Xavier College

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Mandurah Baptist College is a new College progressing through to Year 12 by 2009. The student planners and study guides supplied by Academic Teacher Resources have provided the College with a structure for students to develop their study skills and habits and promote our aim of academic excellence.

As students approach their first semester exams the study planners and guides have proved invaluable in assisting students prepare and develop strategies for these exams.

The use of this program has provided a great opportunity to share with parents and families about the College’s expectations and I have no doubt that improved student performance will result from the implementation of this valued program.

Principal, Mandurah Baptist College

This is the second year the Student Planner and Study Booklet have been utilised with all our students at the College. I have been impressed with the Goal Setting and Study Record sections of the planner and booklet. The other important feature I believe is the opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s daily homework and study schedule.

The Student Planner is simple, clear and very inexpensive and a great study and organisational tool for any student from upper primary through to upper secondary level.

Careers Guidance Co-Ordinator

In the last two years our school has introduced a student organizer / Planner to our Year 7 Students. These Planners have worked very well in conjunction with our Student Planner or diary and our goal setting for the year.

They have also enabled parents to be involved in their child’s education and have helped our students to organize themselves making the transition to secondary schooling less stressful. The Student Organizer (Student Wall Planner) is a welcome addition to our school.

Middle School Co-Ordinator, Yarra Valley Grammar

We have had a Company Representative (who is a trained teacher) here to present the Student Planner to our Year 10 Students. I found the presentation to be well directed to the students in this year group. These students are faced with many distractions in and out of the school environment and these often hinder good study practices.

It was highlighted to the students how important and necessary a good study routine was in order for them to achieve their goals and optimise their opportunities as they look towards upper school. The Student Planner enables parents to get alongside and be equipped to encourage their child.

Head of Year 10


I thank you for taking the time to present the Student Planner to us it was like a light going off for Michael as I am typing this, Michael is organising the planner and is thoroughly enjoying himself!!

The presentation was great and explained very well adding in humour for the boys! I cannot thank you enough for this. It was fantastic and Michael finally knows the difference between homework and study! You did a wonderful job.

Jennifer Van Der Ende, Parent