The SMARTER Forms in this package are simple, direct and effective to use for all high school students. The SMARTER Forms are interactive PDF’s forms and we supply your school with a site licence for life.

Students goals and routines must be about taking action to change behaviours – both in class and at home.

The interactive digital SMARTER Forms enable students to develop key essential time management, study routine and goal setting skills.

SMARTER Form titles

  1. My Goal Setting Chart for this Term – Years 7 to 12
  2. My Daily Homework and Study Routine – Years 7 to 12
  3. My Personal Term Planner – Years 7 to 12
  4. My Examination Goals and Strategies – Years 11 and 12
  5. My Examination and Home Study Guide -Years 11 and 12

The PDF is interactive and has been filled in so you can view a model of the complete product. You can change the content to see how the forms function.

As this is a sample product, you will be unable to print the sample. The purchased version your school acquires will allow printing.

Download a sample set here.

You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) to view downloads from this page.