Once an order is placed how long does it take before delivery of the Digital Resource Package or the Student Wall Planner?2023-11-15T02:38:52+00:00

Once an order is placed there are several pieces of information required to prepare for both the Digital Resource Package and Student Wall Planner including logo, school colours, school timetable structure etc. Ideally we use your school’s Style Guide document to get the colours and fonts correct.

The graphic designer will prepare the PDF for approval before finalising anything. Normally it takes 4 to 5 weeks to take the resource to the approved PDF stage.

The Student Wall Planner normally takes a further 2 to 3 weeks to go to print and delivery as we normally print run about 5,000 planners at a time in order to save time and costs with the printers.

Does the school need to buy the pens on offer?2023-11-15T02:34:13+00:00

No. When your school orders laminated planners the pens do not need to be ordered. After reviewing many different pens for the laminated planner, we have found the best pen to be a Staedtler, non-permanent, fine line black pen. The pen normally retails for between $3.50 and $4.85 each.
As we buy in bulk, we can provide the pens to schools for the discounted price of only $2.99 including taxes and delivery. There are 10 pens to a box and the minimum quantity is 200 pens.

Can we spread the payment of the planners over several years?2016-04-22T18:45:21+00:00

With larger orders we can arrange for payment of the planners to be spread over a number of years. This way the school can gain both the discount for large orders and also spread the cost over a number of years.

Please contact us to discuss options for your school.

If we wish to make the most of the large discounts on offer, can our school place an order for planners in advance?2016-04-22T18:44:57+00:00

Yes. With a large order and for planners ordered in advance we will supply all planners at the beginning of the order. That way you have the resource on hand for student distribution in the future. The planners will not spoil if you need to hold the planners for a number of years in advance. The best step is to contact us (obligation free) and we will contact you to discuss the best options for your school.

How many planners and pens do schools normally order and when are discounts available?2016-04-22T18:44:16+00:00

Discount prices start with an order of 250 Planners and pens:

– About 30% of schools order for one year group – normally between 250 and 350 planners and pens.
– About 30% of schools order for two year groups – normally between 350 and 500 planners and pens.
– About 30% of schools order for their entire school student group – normally between 500 and 1,500 planners and pens.
– About 10% of schools order enough planners and pens for the current school population PLUS extras for the next two, three, and sometimes four year groups in advance.

What is the minimum order for the customised Student Wall Planner and Pens?2016-04-22T18:43:52+00:00

The minimum order for the customised Student Wall Planner is 200 Planners (and 200 pens if you choose to take advantage of our discounted pen pricing).

Is there a discount if our school orders both the Digital Resource Package and the Student Wall Planners?2016-04-22T18:43:34+00:00

Yes. The discounted price will depend upon the quantity of the planners your school orders. Please contact us – we can provide you with a quote on any quantity.

What is the price of the customised Student Wall Planner?2016-04-22T18:43:12+00:00

The price of the Student Wall Planner varies depending on the quantity of planners ordered by your school. For quotes please contact us.

What is the price of the Digital Resource?2022-06-27T00:38:34+00:00

The price of the digital School Package, with a site licence for life, is $1,500 (exc. GST). This is a one-off payment.

Can I see samples of the Student Wall Planner?2022-06-28T09:43:45+00:00

Yes. You are able to view around 180 different Student Wall Planners that are used by schools throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world in this gallery. If you would like physical samples of Student Wall Planners posted to you please complete the contact form and we will organise for the resource to be sent to you.

Can I download a free sample of each of the items that make up the digital packages – either the Primary School Package or High School Package or both?2022-06-28T13:26:57+00:00

Yes. The samples can be downloaded, filled out, and saved. However the samples cannot be printed and they will expire. The purchased version of the resource will be customised with your school’s name and logo, will be able to be printed, and will not expire. Please review our selection of samples.

Does the school need to buy both the Digital High School Resource Package and Student Wall Planner?2022-06-28T13:28:52+00:00

No. Your school has the choice of acquiring just the Digital High School Resource Package OR just the Student Wall Planner OR both. We have found the best results are achieved when the school acquires both resources – the Student Wall Planner to help the parents work with their child in the home environment, and the Digital Resource Package for the students and staff to work through.

What makes up the Digital Resource Package?2022-06-28T13:29:44+00:00

The Digital Resource Package consists of:

  • 7 Steps to Better Study – ideal for students in Years 7 to 12
  • 7 More Steps to Independent Learning – Ideal for students Years 10 to 12
  • Digital Study Blueprint – Designed for students in Years 7 to 12 (customised for your school)
  • Parent Guide – A free support product for parents for application in the home environment
  • PowerPoint Presentations – A great teaching/support resource (includes a presentation suitable for parents)
  • Facilitator Guide – Intended to assist teachers in implementing the study skills package.
What is the meaning of a full site license for Red Tick Education’s digital products?2022-06-28T13:32:05+00:00

When your school acquires either the Digital Primary School Resources Package or the Digital High School Resources Package your school will make a one off payment for the material for all of your students, parents and staff. There is no further payment and the school has access to the material for the life of the school!
Full details of conditions of the licence are supplied with the granting of the licence.


After final delivery and acceptance, requests by your organisation for further changes to content and graphic design are not included in this licence but can be implemented. Contact us for a quote.

What makes up the Digital Primary School Package?2022-06-29T10:22:16+00:00

The Digital Primary School Resource Package consists of:

  • My Digital Learning Planner
  • 7 Steps to Better Learning
  • Parent and Teacher Guide
  • Digital Literacy pdf Cards
  • Digital Numeracy pdf Cards
  • Plus 4 bonuses
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