girl-student-libraryAs children move through developmental stages in their growth, their ability to study and become independent learners occurs at different rates.

Red Tick Education has developed tools to assist students at all stages and at all skill levels. Our product range is available in hard copy and digital formats and each product helps students become independent learners, gain confidence and become responsible for their own success.

Products can be purchased by schools to roll out the program across each year level, creating a common study skills language, reinforcing expectations and school ethos and encouraging a three-way relationship between the school, the student and the parents.

Your School can purchase our products and:

  • Improve the communication between parent and teacher by engaging the parent in the process, demonstrating the value of school-parent partnerships
  • Receive a comprehensive ready-to-use set of resources that can be used from years 7-12
  • Obtain interactive workbooks to assist the student and teacher learn areas for development
  • Gain an understanding of best practices with methods to empower parents,
  • Customize the Student Wall Planner to meet your school’s unique timetable requirements, include your branding and tailor to your school’s needs
  • Further promote and support the School Ethos, present school expectations and strengthen the standards required by the student in the home study environment
  • Obtain a site licence for the school for life with all digital products
  • Support your Primary School students with better learning tools in the area of literacy and numeracy plus additional resources for Parents