Red Tick Education

ipad-schoolRed Tick Education has been providing user-friendly study skills resources to schools throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 12 years.  Current over 10% of schools throughout Australia have introduced our study skills material to their students, parents and staff.  Red Tick Education has recently expanded its services to other countries in Asia, South Africa and soon into the UK.

As you know, organisational and study skills play a crucial role in determining a student’s success at school. The development and mastery of these skills only comes through learning and practice.

For schools and teachers, finding enough time within a busy curriculum load to teach and reinforce these important skills is challenging.  Finding a simple way to involve and support busy parents to help their child at home is also very challenging. Currently our resources are utilised by over 330,000 students and 300 schools throughout Australia, providing very valuable benefits to many students, teachers and parents.

We are pleased to offer schools, students, teachers and parents our key resources:

  1.  Digital Study Skills Package for High School students
  2. Student Wall Planner to see more details of content and information and view over 250 customised Student Wall Planner designs please click on the link
  3. Download the FREE Parent Guide for both the digital Primary School Resources and the digital High School resources
  4. Primary School Digital Package including My Digital Learning Planner and 7 Steps to Better Learning – click on this link to download samples

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