Better Learning Habits

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Aristotle once said, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”.

Childhood is the best time to learn good habits that build confidence and routine into our children’s daily lives.

Teachers as well as parents have aspirations as role models for our primary school student’s dreams. As adults we tend to rely on the training we have received and parenting techniques our parents used.

When you think about how much education has evolved and changed in our lifetime, we can see that many of our parents’ methods may no longer be as relevant to our youth today.

Teachers and parents need new tools to help young students develop better learning habits for success.

With good habits and routine, students will feel safe, be happier and self assured individuals who will enjoy school and gain more success.
The Better Learning Package from Redtick Education is an unique tool that:

  • Uses the science of habit formation
  • Acknowledges the developmental needs of young students
  • Encourages primary school students to be involved in forming good habits
  • Empowers parents to be involved in their child’s learning
  • Teaches primary school students a reflective process they can use throughout life

Under your guidance, your students will learn to:

  • Set goals
  • Create routine
  • Monitor and reflect on their progress
  • Adjust their goals as they improve
  • Recognise and celebrate their success

The Better Learning Package consists of three key resources:

  • 7 Steps to Better Learning
  • My Digital Learning Planner
  • Parent and Teacher Guide
  • Plus a few bonuses.

Your students will explore learning styles, develop confidence, and will be prepared to move towards independence. The resources are also designed to assist the students with the transition from primary school to high school.

  • The samples are interactive
  • The samples can be saved
  • The samples cannot be printed
  • In the purchased version for your school all documents will be able to be printed

There are 2 samples you can down load and review.

You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader ) to view downloads from this page.

My Digital Learning Planner – Blank

  • Blank version for you to add your own content

Download the blank sample here

My Digital Learning Planner – Filled In

  • An example of the completed document, you can change the content to see how it functions

Download the filled sample here

Redtick Education also has a range of high school digital products. If you would like to learn about our digital high school package look here for free samples for reviewing.

To learn more about the Better Learning Package please complete the Contact Form on this web site and one of our team members will make contact with you.